What's it all about?

It's all about YOU!


And it's all about laughter, positivity and fun!

We hold Body Confidence Live events across the country to help people feel better about themselves, embrace their bodies and improve their wellbeing. So far we’ve visited Glasgow, Manchester and Essex and had a fantastic time at them all! 

We bring together speakers and exhibitors all relating to body confidence, self-esteem and wellness. 

We are here to help uplift and inspire.......and drive the dark of doubt away in your life!

Check out this video from our very first event in Glasgow to get an idea of what our events are all about - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdXphNrEdG8

What happens on the day?


At all of our events, we've brought  together a fantastic line-up of  confidence and wellness speakers, to help us all feel fab.

Our guest speakers have included  TV presenters Ferne McCann,  Vicky Pattison and actress Leah MacRae, along with wellness coach Ellie Hopley, comedian and body image speaker Juliette Burton, inspirational speaker Megan McGrory, fitness pro Melissa Haywood, wellbeing guru Tomaz Mueller and many others covering the fields of nutrition, fashion, careers and cosmetics.  

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 Check out this video of one of our amazing BoCo Live events!


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Body Confidence Live 2019

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