improve your self confidence WITH this challenge!



There are always activities we can do to help us feel more positive about our bodies and improve our self confidence. 

Let's show you how to build confidence! One activity that can do this in a way that helps start to tackle body image issues, and boosts self confidence, is our 21 day positive affirmations challenge!

Below is a different positive affirmation for each day over a 21-day period. To undertake this challenge, you should look at yourself in a mirror (this in itself is an important thing to be able to get used to doing over time, if it's not something you enjoy now) and repeat that day's positive affirmation 12 times.

And always make sure you smile at yourself while you do this.....we often spend our time smiling at other people but forget to smile at ourselves so this is a great way of getting into that positive habit!

And then, you move on to the next day and do the same again, with a different affirmation. Really think about what you're saying and how it makes you feel. Using positive language about your body and your life can really improve your outlook and your self confidence. 

Day 1 - I am proud of myself for starting this 21-day challenge

Day 2 - I am willing to be kinder to my body

Day 3 - I believe I am good enough

Day 4 - I am grateful for everything my body does for me every minute of every day

Day 5  - Every day I become a better person

Day 6 - I am lucky to be me

Day 7 - I am willing to love myself

Day 8 - I forgive myself wholeheartedly

Day 9 - I am always learning about my body

Day 10 - I am willing to listen to my body and respond to its needs

Day 11 - I deserve to be loved

Day 12 - Every day I grow stronger and happier

Day 13 - My body works hard to make me feel better every day

Day 14 - I trust that I am exactly where I should be right now

Day 15 - I am willing to embrace a new set of positive beliefs about myself

Day 16 - I feel connected to my body's deepest desires

Day 17 - I will allow only positive people into my life

Day 18 - I believe in my ability to achieve all that I want to achieve

Day 19 - My dreams matter immensely

Day 20 - I love and cherish my body

Day 21 - I am exactly who I want to be

Learning how to build confidence is not easy but this will help you think about yourself in a different, more appreciative and positive way!

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