Body Confidence Live founder Lindsay Reid


The Body Confidence Live concept came from me, Lindsay - 39-years old from Glasgow. I recently became a mum to a lovely wee boy - I'm the 'other mother' as my amazing partner said she'd take one for the team and did the whole birth thing, so I felt it was only fair to let her 'enjoy' that experience! 

Apart from being sleep-deprived, a bit grumpy at times and often smelling of either baby sick or poo, things in our new life are going fine. My other baby though is BoCo Live and I love it almost as much!! I also work in PR and generally my life is quit full and busy but I will ALWAYS want to make time for my BoCo baby!

My own body confidence has been up and down over the years - I'm not going to pretend I've had major body dramas...I think I've just had the same kind of experience as many other people in that there are times I've felt quite positive about myself and times I would gladly have smashed all the mirrors in my house if it wasn't such bad luck. Weight-wise I've been a dress size 6-8 and a size 16 and I was pretty unhappy being both...it took me years to learn that I feel best when I'm being active, eating things (mostly) that aren't too bad for me, challenging myself in life and not focusing at all on what I weigh but on how I feel within myself. I don't have all the answers, or even most of the answers to this stuff (which is why we need our fabulous contributors!), but I firmly believe that confidence comes from finding what works for you - those things that make you feel good - and doing more of them. Happy people are beautiful people afterall..........

People who meet me assume I'm a totally-together, confident, self-assured person - the reality is that I have my wobbles, my self-doubts and my ups and downs like anyone does. But life is hard enough without us giving ourselves and our bodies a hard time. I've learned over the years some of the things that help me feel good about myself...things like finding new challenges, meeting and working with new and inspiring people, and understanding about ways to improve my overall wellbeing. And I'm still learning but as time has passed I have developed a quiet inner confidence that I think helps me get through life with a more positive view of myself and of the world.

Certified body confidence coach

As well as organising my BoCo Live events, I am proud to say I am now a certified body confidence coach, becoming the first person in Scotland to complete the Institute of Body Confidence Coaching course - I enjoyed every minute of it and am using my new skills and tools to help people live life to the full.  

If you'd like to know more about my body confidence coaching services and how they can help you or someone you know, click here 

I've also met a few people along the way that know a fair bit about body image, self-esteem and wellbeing so they are the people that contribute to this site and to our events and they're all fantastic!

The 'why' behind BoCo Live

I see so many amazing women in particular who are held back by their self-consciousness and who don't see how fabulous they are. Their self-worth is so low, they continually compare themselves negatively to others, they focus on the things they don't like about themselves rather than their strengths, and they see themselves in a negative way that is far from the way others see them. This can't be right! We're all amazing in our own way....and our events just aim to remind people of that. We don't want to change the world, or campaign on serious issues, but if we can help people either become more comfortable and confident in their own skin, or find a new approach that gives them a boost, then we'll be delighted. That's the whole reason behind BoCo Live and everything we do........

So please enjoy what you see and hear from us....we simply want to help you find whatever it is that boosts your confidence and helps you connect with, understand and enjoy your body, and we‘d love to hear any tips you have too so we can all help each other!

And if you'd like to join the BoCo Live family and hear more from us about our events and service you can do so here....

Lindsay xx